Rotaflex Mill Spout Cleaning System
Rotaflex's are easy to use, robust and portable.

Having trouble keeping your mill spouts clean?

Would you like to increase productivity, improve throughput, produce a higher quality product, reduce downtime, reduce the need for costly replacements and reduce the need to repair your mill equipment?

Effective, flexible, robust and affordable the Rotaflex Mill Spout Cleaning System is an essential tool to assist in the running of a profitable mill. Simple to use by a single operator and robustly constructed, Rotaflex powers quickly and safely through build-ups and blockages in mill spouts, pipe work, heat exchangers, boiler tubes, flues and ducts - whether caused by flour, moth, beetle or humidity - leaving them clean, clear and undamaged.

Say goodbye to using fumigants, chemicals, wire rods, pull-throughs, brushes and rubber hammers - and listen to your spouts making the sweet sound of profitable milling instead.


The Problem

Condensation, build-up of flour, wheat and rice in the transfer pipe work can lead to infestation as well as total blockages through which fumigation gases cannot penetrate.

Current methods can take 30 minutes to clean one length of pipe. The use of rods and brushes, weights, pull throughs or rubber hammers to free deposits can lead to … irreversible damage and expensive replacement


The Solution - Rotaflex Mill Spout Cleaning System

The Rotaflex Cleaning System allows a man to clean an 8-12 meter length of pipe in approximately 30 seconds. All the spouts in an 8 sifter mill can be thoroughly cleaned in a one day shut down, irrespective of configuration, diameter, length or consistency deposit.

Mill spouts no longer need to be fumigated. The wide range of brushes, tool heads and variable speeds available ensure the pipe work remains free from damage. Why not try the new Rotaflex Mill Spout Cleaning System today?

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