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Blocked and Scaled Flour Spouts Cleared with Rotaflex Client Testimonial

Blocked and Scaled Flour Spouts Cleared with Rotaflex
"Before we were cleaning our sifter spouts manually which was
very time consuming and we couldn’t get satisfactory results.
Now we can easily clean these spouts with good results.
Rotaflex’s efficient cleaning helps us to keep our Mill spouts clean
thereby improving product quality, hygiene and manpower."

Al Ain Flour Mill, United Arab Emirates
Background The flour mill was looking for a better method of quickly cleaning and unblocking their mill spouts to eradicate mould and infestation which minimised the efficacy of the fumigation process.. Having seen the Rotaflex machine in action at IAOM exhibition the mill ordered a Rotaflex kit which was shipped to them in Kenya. The flour mill was able to unblock and descale the spouts within a few hours, without dismantling and often did not require as much use of fumigation chemicals.

Fast, easy to use and and affordable are the most frequent comments received of the Rotaflex Mill Spout Cleaning System. It is an essential tool for every mill in the world to assist in the running a hygienic and profitable flour mill. In addition to increasing mill productivity the Rotaflex also means far less time and money needs to be spent on mill maintenance activities.
With High humidity the Kenyan flour mill was experiencing caked flour within the mill spouts which would then cause chokes throughout the whole mill thus leading to increased infestation due to the high humidity resulting in a loss to both productivity and revenue. The mill had been using traditional brushes and pull througs to previously unblock the pipes plus fumigant which could not penetrate the blockages or thick scale The Problem A leading Kenyan flour mill were fortunate to see the Rotaflex Mill Spout Cleaning System in action at the IOAM exhibition in Morocco. The Solution and Benefits
Rotaflex Solves Infestation Issue Client Testimonial

Rotaflex Solves Infestation Issue
“We are using the Rotaflex spout cleaning machine across our
flour mills in Nigeria in 5 locations and other African
countries like Ghana, Cameroon and Senegal. These machines are playing a vital role for keeping our mills in good hygiene conditions and free from infestation.”

Mathew Pinto, Vice President, Crown Flour Mill Ltd, Nigeria.
Background Having read about the Rotaflex machine in the International Milling Director the mill ordered a machine which was shipped to them in Malaysia. Rotaflex powers quickly and safely through build-ups and blockages in mill spouts, pipe work, heat exchangers, boiler tubes, flues and ducts – whether caused by flour, moth, beetle or humidity – leaving them clean, clear and undamaged. Infestations were reduced dramatically as there was no longer any product build up within the mill spouts. The mill had been battling with an infestation problem with product flow being obstructed and production capacity affected. The mill had been using brushes and hammers to clear their spouts which meant replacing pipes when they became too dented. The Problem As one of the pioneer flour mill in Malaysia, UMF is synonymous with providing high-quality flour, backed by strong technical know-how and service standards to best meet the diverse needs of every customer. The Solution and Benefits
Food Process Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning Client Testimonial

Food Process Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning
“We find the Rotaflex spout cleaning system very useful and it is
used regularly for cleaning the hard to reach spots. It was a wise
decision to buy and was worth the investment.”

National Milling Company of Guyana
Background With the positional problem preventing water jetting Tube Tech International had to rethink the solution and opted for the SafeDrill™ system to clear the hardened chocolate but with only a minimal water flush. Finally the tubes were polished by Tube Tech’s RotaFlex™ system. The Tube Tech team efficiently cleared the problem with little disruption to the regular workings of the confectionery factory. The decision to use the SafeDrill system meant less Tube Tech equipment being brought into the factory. The cleaning and polishing of the heat exchanger improved efficiency and achieved a greater throughput of chocolate.

A shell and tube heat exchanger, which has chocolate running through the tube side, had become blocked. Solidified chocolate was affecting the performance of the heat exchanger, reducing the throughput. The siting of the heat exchanger in the centre of the plant offered special challenges for the Tube Tech team. Other equipment nearby and the distance from services such as water meant the cleaning team could not use conventional jetting systems.

The Problem The maker of world-famous confectionery brand names asked Tube Tech International to save the problem of a blocked heat exchanger at its production plant in England. The Solution and Benefits
Condenser Tube Cleaning Client Testimonial

Condenser Tube Cleaning
“We find the Rotaflex spout cleaning system very useful and it is
used regularly for cleaning the hard to reach spots. It was a wise
decision to buy and was worth the investment.”

National Milling Company of Guyana
Background With the power plant supplying 35% of Nigeria’s electrical needs it is of vital importance to ensure supply is available when required. Recognising this, NEPA’s Technical Board/Committee invited Tube Tech to present on how an innovative approach could provide higher standards of cleanliness and measure the condition of the tubes.

Tube Tech’s approach, to achieve NEPA’s request, required employing several innovative technologies, including RotaFlex and WysperFlex systems to unblock and descale the most severely restricted tubes and DarTT technology to remove any remaining scale quickly and cost effectively, which returned all tubes back to bare metal and the condenser to optimum performance.

Tube Tech’s subsequent Eddy Current (ECT) and IRIS inspection confirmed the integrity of all tubes cleaned to the highest possible standard, enabling the condenser to return to maximum efficiency, with the confidence that there was no imminent tube corrosion or erosion. Tube Tech also provided the client with sufficient information to establish a planned maintenance schedule.

To carry out this condensed timescale cleaning and inspection operation, in temperatures of 38-40°C and 70 per cent humidity, Tube Tech’s team members rotated roles and worked extended shifts. Despite having to manoeuvre in air-cooled suits for certain aspects of the work, the Tube Tech team continued worked efficiently and effectively involving site managers and engineers.

The General Manager, Lagos Thermal Station, Egbin said “Supplying power/electricity is a key issue in Nigeria and Tube Tech International was able to carry out the cleaning and inspection in a very restricted time frame. We now have substantially improved condenser performance and knowledge regarding the integrity of the tubes.”
Condenser cleaning at the power plant had previously been performed by the plant operator – National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) – but there had never been any quantifiable means of checking cleanliness or integrity of the tube walls. Fouling had accumulated in the condenser tubes over time, this made the deposits harder and increasingly more difficult to remove, a gradual reduction in heat transfer and diminished condenser performance demonstrated that improved cleaning was required. The Problem With the supply of electricity, a key issue in Nigeria. Tube Tech International worked to demanding deadlines and in extreme conditions to effectively clean and integrity inspect 12,000 condenser tubes, at the Egbin thermal power plant. The Solution and Benefits

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