Revolution in Safety and Hygiene


A Revolution in Safety
and Hygiene in Food
Manufacturing and

revolution-in-safety-and-hygiene-rotaflex A Revolution in Safety
and Hygiene in Food
Manufacturing and

Designed by mill specialists within parent company Tube Tech International, one of the world’s most innovative industrial cleaning specialists, the qualities that make Rotaflex the most cost-effective cleaner in mill maintenance – now used in more than 60 countries worldwide – have helped revolutionise cleaning processes in sectors where hygiene is central to success, such as food processing and manufacturing industries.

Just a small accumulation of microorganisms or chemical residues in food production have the potential to spark disastrous issues in end product, ranging from unpleasant taste to even rendering product unsafe. Many clean-in-place systems involve the use of cleaning and sanitising agents, which can leave residues to exacerbate existing problems.

Rotaflex is the in-house industrial cleaning solution that allows food processing facilities to guarantee a quality and safe end product every time.

Rotaflex is simple, easy to use, and can be operated in-situ by just one person – creating labour savings and allowing you to stay operational.

Why Rotaflex is the most effective
hygiene solution for food production
and manufacturing

Rotaflex is the most cost-effective
cleaning system available on the
market today!
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making the cleaning process simple,
efficient and reliable.
Rotaflex guarantees the quality of
your outgoing end product by
helping you maintain the highest
levels of hygiene are constantly
maintained within the food
production environment.
  • Simple, fast and effective cleaning with no fumigant – place hygiene at the
    centre of what you do, reducing downtime and maximizing production.
  • No fumigants or chemicals guarantees quality and taste of end product.
  • Hygienic cleaning – Stay in constant control of hygiene levels – Rotaflex is an
    internal solution which provides an industrial level of cleaning.
  • No downtime – stay operational throughout the cleaning process – no lost
    production times, no lost labour costs, no external cleaning costs.
  • Quality end product – no infestations, no unpleasant tastes or odours, no
    chemical fumigants.
  • Compliance – helping you maintain the highest regulatory standards

Rotaflex allows you to continuously meet the exact hygiene
standards demanded by both your customers and regulatory bodies.

It’s quick and simple to use and cleans more cost-effectively
than any product on the market.

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