The Rotaflex is the best machine to clean mill spouting.

The Rotaflex is the best
machine to clean mill spouting

The Rotaflex is the best
machine to clean mill spouting

All mills have different problems. Maize Mills, for example, are notorious for having problems with material adhering to spouting, trunking etc. due to the nature of the raw material which has very high oil and fat content. This causes considerable amounts of very fine, sticky (soft) maize flour dust to accumulate on the inner surfaces of the pipework and can substantially reduce the pipe diameter leading to potential chokes (blockages) in the system.

Developed specifically for quick, simple and effective mill maintenance by mill specialists within one of the world’s most innovative industrial cleaning specialists, parent company Tube Tech International, Rotaflex quickly became the most cost-effective cleaner in mill maintenance and is now used in more than 60 countries worldwide.

The properties, which make Rotaflex so efficient – simple, quick, cost-effective cleaning with no fumigants – have since gone on to help revolutionise the cleaning processes of further hygiene-central sectors, such as food and beverage processing, and manufacturing industries.

But there is no doubting its original design and function. Using Rotaflex, one person can clean
your entire mill in just a single day – it takes just 30 seconds to clean your eight-metre-long spout.

  • Quick, efficient cleaning – Clean your entire mill in one day using manpower of one!
  • Hygienic cleaning – No potentially harmless fumigants or chemicals
  • No downtime – Stay operational as you maintain unfailing hygiene standards
  • Quality end product – every time!

Rotaflex Mill Spout Cleaning System is currently used by the world’s most hygiene-conscious mills, which by default are the most productive mills, to remove all fouling from all mill types. Choked spouts are effortlessly cleared without damage using Rotaflex, and energy savings can be increased dramatically as Rotaflex cleans heat exchanger and boiler tubes with bespoke accessories.

Join hygiene-conscious millers in more than 60 countries around the world, who are already using Rotaflex Mill Spout Cleaning System, with incredible results…

“Rotaflex is playing a vital role in keeping our mills in good conditions and free from infestation”
– African multi-national milling organisation operating flour mills in five countries.

“Before we were cleaning our sifter spouts manually which was very time consuming and we couldn’t get satisfactory results. Now we can easily clean these spouts with good results. Rotaflex’s efficient cleaning helps us to keep our Mill spouts clean thereby improving product quality, hygiene and manpower.”
– Al Ain Flour Mill, United Arab Emirates

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